Demo reel and such

2012-12-26 18:50:31 by a0puncfan

Whelp here it is, my very fist submission!

Im open to anybody who wants a voice actor in their movie, game, or anything! :3 I also write, anything to be honest. Im always open to feedback, thanks to anyone who cares to give it haha

Nearly a year ago

2012-03-05 21:53:59 by a0puncfan

This is what i made. I'm the yellow guy xD

Annnnd this too, it's kind of a dead space mixed with halo thing :P but hey, it's slightly better than the above.

Had a friend make this poster for me! But the map is MINE ha

2011-07-21 22:22:34 by a0puncfan

He's talented at photoshop... and this is proof of that. This was for one of my halo reach maps, and i asked this guy to make a kick-butt poster for me.

Video of the map:

And link to the download on

Had a friend make this poster for me! But the map is MINE ha


2011-07-21 22:14:24 by a0puncfan

Really like this site! ive played games and watched flash vids on it for a while and thought i otta join! Just fixing up my profile so i can look awesomer. :3