Entry #4

Demo reel and such

2012-12-26 18:50:31 by a0puncfan

Whelp here it is, my very fist submission!

Im open to anybody who wants a voice actor in their movie, game, or anything! :3 I also write, anything to be honest. Im always open to feedback, thanks to anyone who cares to give it haha


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2012-12-26 20:36:27

The voices seem pretty good, but I can hear you breath into the mic frequently, which does not sound very professional. I understand that you may not have professional grade recording equipment, but it's bad to have unwanted sounds like that on a demo reel. You could probably minimize the breathing sounds just by not breathing out hard onto the mic when you record, and by working to remove them with whatever audio editing program you may have access to.

a0puncfan responds:

Alright, thank you for the feedback i truly appreciate it.